Monday, 5 March 2012

Titanic Part 1

The second piece of work tackled concerned RMS Titanic. Like many people I was interested in the story and the unnecessary loss of life. These people in particular, many of them children and babies, spoke to me, pleading to be given a mention in the here and now. This 'plea' was to manifest itself in many different ways. 

Although most of the work I produced concerned the 'victims', the sound element was generated from remarks made by some of the survivors.

Allowing for the hours they were in the lifeboats, many spoke of how bright the stars were in the black velvet sky. To help pass the time, some endeavoured to find and identify the constellations.

I found which constellations were visible in the northern hemisphere in April 1912, looking from the west, up to the north and to the east. The pattern they created gave me my music. Not being a musician is where my working pattern takes a long and winding rode.

To begin with, a large piece of lino was drawn on (constellations reversed to print correctly) then each star drilled out to give an indentation.

As drilling progressed, an interesting look emerged. In the end, a print was not taken from the lino as the ink would have obliterated the pattern. Unfortunately, I can't find the end photograph - sorry.

For this lino to be useful, photographs had to be taken of it (reversed again to get them in the correct formation). Then each star was plotted onto an excel spread sheet before being transferred into my music programme, note by note.

Here you can see one of these designs, constellation lines marked in and errors being highlighted ready for correction. For now, on this particular element I have to stop. I have viewed the video/slide show I originally created and its condition is quite poor for some reason. Until I can create a new one, I'll show you some more of the work created for Titanic.

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