Saturday, 24 March 2012

Titanic Part 4

By now, I felt I was well into my stride but felt something more could be done to visually represent all the nations of those who died.

Using many web sites, I was able to get as close a representation as possible, to what each countries flag would/might have looked like in 1912.  Working out what size I wanted my finished project to be, I replicated the required amount of flags in various subtle hues of the same colour to give a photo mosaic program, enough flags to work with.

The original photograph of Titanic came from here

Eventually, with much manipulation, the following picture represented a near finished product, ready to be sent off to specialist printers:
I asked them to print on silver paper before laminating and this was the end result:
It doesn't much look here, but on show in our dining room, it glints and shimmers, changing and reflecting different colours as the sun moves around the room!

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