Thursday, 12 April 2012

Liminal Fragments Semester 2

I am very interested in the liminal which refers to a state of betwixt and between, neither one thing nor the other. 

At the precise moment that life ceases, the body is in a state of flux. It is not fully living nor fully dead, neither hot nor cold, not in one realm or the other. 

Does all life die when the body dies or can the essence/spirit/soul of our ancestors live on?

These photographs suggest the possibility that our ancestors are still here; but we are unable to see them because of their liminal state.

The final pictures were developed through many stages of print and application of filters.

Original 1918-1920's photographs were used, starting with my maternal grandmother Elsie. These were printed onto thick, iron on Vilene (the kind used to stiffen home made blinds).

Each panel was pulled apart, layer by layer, leaving a print that was almost transparent. Each person was cut out, mounted and  photographed with light projected from behind them. Then it was worked on through various layers of filters until I got the effect I was looking for.

Most of my peers found some of the effect unsettling but I thought they really reflected the effect I was trying to achieve.

 The finished one of her for the final exhibition (A1 size):

Maternal grandfather Phineas:

 The finished one of him for the final exhibition (A1 size):

Finally, my aunt (in law) Mary (left) and my mother in law Olive (right).

 The finished one of them for the final exhibition (A1 size):  



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