Saturday, 28 April 2012

Moving on!

Firstly, welcome Hilde, glad you popped over from my other blog to see this one!

Having had 4 lovely years at my current establishment (Access to Art & Design and B. A. Fine Art) it was time to leave. I really wanted to carry on with my Fine Art as I felt I had found my niche. However, the nearest place that offered this was full time, 1 year, 5 days a week, that would be a one hour drive either way each day.

I know my limits. Some days during my B.A., the 5 minute walk and 10 minute drive was troublesome in that I often arrived home and couldn't remember the journey at all. So, Fine Art there wasn't an option.

The next choice was Printmaking at a different place. This would involve a 10 minute drive, a 45 minute train journey (and the cost of all that), a 10 minute walk and the reverse to come home. This course though could be done part time over 3 years, 1 day a week. I knew it would be tiring but seemed possible.

Anyways, to cut a long story short, I went for my interview, told and showed the tutor what I was interested in and that I planned to initially do traditional print but would later change to video. This was accepted and so it began.

However, within a very short space of time, I was called up to his office to explain what I was doing. I was perplexed, I knew what I was doing, turning data into work but all of a sudden, it seemed unacceptable. I was told to go to the Head tutor in Fine Art to see if he could 'help' me!

Said tutor thought what I was doing was very exciting and I didn't need help. I should have got the message. From there, it went down hill rapidly and within 7 weeks (just 7 days), I knew I couldn't carry on. The tutor constantly tore strips off my work, including in what should have been private tutorials where others tutors were teaching students in the office!

Need I say more. However, my saving grace was my ex-tutor C. from the B.A. course as well as some of the others. They all thought my work exciting and couldn't understand what my current tutor was finding difficult.

Anyhow, I grit my teeth, got through the first year to get my Postgraduate Certificate in Printmaking and promptly left.

Do I regret it – NO!

Do I miss academia – NO!

Could I have carried on elsewhere – NO! (well actually I did apply for an online Master's degree in Fine Art and would probably have got my place after praise from the selection tutor – but they, like everyone else, put up their fees and that was that).

As it happens, it was the best thing that could have happened to me. I took ages to get over it, nearly 18 months. Now though I can feel the old bug slowly but surely beginning to bite me again. This time though, anything I produce will be solely for my pleasure, to be shown on this blog for your perusal. There will be no pressure over timetables, exhibiting, selling etc. I never wanted to be a practicing artist, I simply wanted to stretch my brain.

So, I will show you the work I produced for that first year and you can judge it for yourselves. Come back soon.

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