Thursday, 1 August 2013

So then...

After that bombshell, did I walk out, no I burst into tears and went home to my lovely hubby. He has the power to calm me and set me back on track. I informed my tutor of what I was going to do and basically, he had the choice of letting me get on with it or walking out. He had already lost a couple of people off the course, so I carried on, returning to my first love of sound.

I had the first bit of my piece, from the Radio Times, worked out. Now I needed to transfer it onto staves in Garageband. Yes, that is what I use, being non-musical, it opens up a new world to me of creating experimental, electronic music.

This first picture shows all the points from two days, placed on a stave, ready to be inserted into GarageBand.

Here are some early idea's with the stave's temporarily removed. These were intended to be used as transparencies but I decided to do something different, move away from print and back into the moving image.
I wanted the audience to imagine that a probe has been sent to Denebola, one of the stars in the constellation system of Leo. It would be a watery planet, some of which would return on the probe, bringing an alien virus back to Earth.

Sunday, 7 April 2013


You will notice I have added a Bloglovin button for anyone who would like to read my blog after Google reader closes on July 1st 2013.