Thursday 23 September 2021

What to use in your journal

 It depends on how much you want to spend! There are many scrapbook and journal things for sale online and in the shops. Some people use magazine cutouts or pictures from book. The latter is what I tend to use with bought things used to decorate and add interest to those. 

Decide how much space you wish to leave for writing. Choose a theme (or don't). I like to chose what I want to use and play with putting it together before I start to stick things down. Lined or plain paper can be used to leave spaces for writing. I also double paint pages with matt enamel household paint as an alternative.

Again, completely cover the back of anything you want to use with your glue before adhering it to your page.

I actually couldn't think of anything to journal about being so new to it so chose to do the seasons. This first journal 'Summer" was begun in mid June and completed sometime in late July. Now I have finished photographing it, I can write in it at last. This first double spread of pages is the inside fly sheet and title page:

Once every thing was stuck into place and completely dry, I then used coloured pencils to enhance the colours of the original images:

This picture below shows pages folded back on themselves, the fold stuck down on the inside before glueing the edges of it to the page below to form a pocket. Large tags have been created with space on the back of them to write on, then popped into the pockets:

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